Since I started this blog to catalog my thoughts on gaming, I wanted to list a few of the games that I thought were cool as hell. Not necessarily the best games all around, but definitely dominate in terms of style points. Art, Theme, Humor, and Music are what matters when it comes to a cool game. Here are my favs:



Earthworm Jim still might be the coolest game I’ve ever played. A terrific platformer, with the quirky-est characters I’ve ever encountered. I remember saving up for a couple of months just to buy the outrageously priced $75 copy at my local Toys ‘R’ Us. When I got the game home it was worth every penny and to me its my favorite Genesis game closely followed by Street Fighter II and Sonic Spinball. My biggest travesty as a gamer is still never legitimately beating this game. I’m a snob about not using strategy guides and to this day get dominated by Professor Monkey for a Head on Level 5. Someday Jim, I promise well make it all the way to the end…GROOVY!


This game changed my entire musical opinions on both Jurassic 5 and Rob Zombie.

I bought this game on a whim, brand spanking new for only 5 dollars! It was the only time Best Buy has ever stayed true to its name. Penny for penny this still stands as the most valuable purchase I think I ever made. I’m a sucker for art creation options in video games and since you could make customizable spray paint tags, I quickly became obsessed with this game. I spent hours making my very own Wolverine spray-able tags. I’d build these works of art pixel by pixel, and maybe only one of my friends ever saw ’em and I know he didn’t give a Honey Badger shit. The cell shading was still fresh as fuck, the soundtrack rivals any game out there to date(yes even the Grand Theft Auto’s). Tag the shit outta everything, run from the pigs, and all to amazing music. Light-hearted criminal mischief done right. Graham is the man.

Jet Grind RADIO Clips, this shit is still dope.


One of the most Timely Cameos in a game ever.

While only an article ago I posted about the atrocities committed by George Lucas when he made prequels to his already perfect set of movies, I’m gonna go ahead and make an official double standard here and say Darth Maul’s appearance in Tony Hawk 2 is one of the best surprises I can remember finding in a game. Not to mention my boy Wolverine was also a playable character. Both had their very own special moves to boot. Besides the unlockable characters, the unlockable videos were just as sweet. Just before the dawn of JACKASS Tony Hawk supplied sweet videos after beating the game. The most popular of those videos were the ones entitled “Bails”. Whats cooler than being rewarded in a game with videos of dudes racking their nuts on metal bars? Tony Hawk 2 has all the goods in gameplay and graphics to be considered one of the greatest games of all time, but its coolness factor rivals that of the Fonz in his prime.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2- Bails 2 Video


The Real Liberty City

I remember shortly after Vice City came out everyone being in such a fuss about how much better it was than GTA III.  Everybody was dumb. GTA III changed the rules, all of em. There were no limitations to what you could do, however felonious the act. Blowing shit up, crashing vehicles into rival gang members, assaulting random people(preferably old ladies) on the street, and banging hookers for extra health. I had the pleasure of buying this game on the day of its release and some of my buds religiously requested I bring this game with me whenever I left the house. I was actually cooler as a friend because I owned this game. Vice City was a little more crisp, a little bit cleaner, but GTA III was then, and still to this day, Gangsta as fuck.



Some other cool games that came to mind: No More Heroes-Very very cool style, NBA JAM T.E., Cell Damage, Rainbow Unicorn Attack.